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Spain ruling could throw spending curbs into doubt

A decision due early next week in a court case involving sidelined Getafe midfielder Pedro Leon could impede an attempt by the professional soccer league (LFP) to stop debt-ridden clubs spending more than they earn.

Pedro Leon became one of the first victims of new rules designed to end years of profligacy when Getafe opted not to register him for La Liga as paying his salary would have pushed them over an LFP-imposed cap on their wage bill.
Along with the Spanish players' union (AFE), the 27-year-old, who has also had stints at clubs including Real Madrid and Levante, challenged the decision in a Madrid court.
A court spokesman said on Thursday the verdict was expected be announced on Monday or Tuesday.
If the judge rules in the player's favour, the LFP's government-backed bid to clean up clubs' finances could be thrown off course, while a rejection of the appeal would confirm they are within their rights to set spending limits.
After the government's sports council (CSD) rebuffed an initial appeal at the end of October, Pedro Leon's agent told Spanish radio his client was "suffering a great deal" as he was being prevented from doing his job.
"The curious thing about the issue is that I have not done anything bad or illegal that would stop me practising my profession and the only one who is paying for this is me," Pedro Leon wrote on his Twitter feed (@PLeonSanchez) last month.
"It seems incredible to me that this is happening in a country where football is the King's sport," he added.
According to El Pais newspaper, the case hinges on whether soccer should be partially excepted from competition rules.
The AFE argues that the LFP acted illegally because competition legislation dictates that economic activity can only be restricted in the form of a specific law, the paper wrote this week.
The LFP, like the CSD, takes the view that Spain's Sports Law authorises federations to restrict budgets of sports clubs that are set up as companies if they are not living within their means, they added.
"The days are passing and neither the league, nor Getafe, nor the Spanish justice system are making it possible for me to do what I have been doing for 10 years," Pedro Leon said.


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